Top 10 Best Drone Backpack in 2022 Reviews

Backpacks always come in handy for carrying a wide variety of things, including drones. But, unlike other stuff, you cannot carry your drone with just any backpack. Something with enough space to hold the drone and all the accessories and has well-organized space to ensure you do not damage the drone components and accessories when on transit.

The good news is that there are some particular backpack types meant for drones. But, you cannot just settle on any backpack that claims it can hold and store your drone. As you choose a bag for carrying your drone, make sure it is durable, easy to organize, spacious, and also looks good when carrying.

List of The Best Drone Backpack in 2021

1. USA Gear Backpack Case

USA Gear Backpack CaseBuy now from Amazon

For our best overall product, we have this fantastic backpack case from USA Gear that will not only carry any foldable drone out there but a wide variety of other things. While not explicitly meant for drones, this backpack has enough storage for all your drone accessories and holds a wide variety of photography components.

When it comes to the overall build, it is a heavy-duty product guaranteed to offer many years of excellent service as it has a thick and durable material. Additionally, it has some top-quality metal zippers with a soft rubber puller. Another fantastic element is that the backpack has a tripod holder, rain cover, and excellent interior dividers.


  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Metal zippers
  • Soft rubber pullers
  • Customizable interior with padded dividers
  • Tripod holders


  • Holds a wide variety of equipment
  • Easy to organize interior
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Easy to open with soft pullers
  • Nice laptop holder included
  • Comes with a rain covers


  • Some compartments are too small
  • Shoulder straps could be more comfortable

2. USA Gear Drone Mini Backpack Case

USA Gear Drone Mini Backpack CaseBuy now from Amazon

Here is a perfect choice for the drone pilots shipping for a more affordable back for their gear. Despite being a budget model, the backpack is still well-built with a durable material that is also weatherproof to ensure it can protect your equipment from the element and give you a longer service life.

Additionally, the backpack has an easy to organize interior with excellent dividers that help you arrange all your drone accessories for safe transport. Better yet, the interior is scratch-resistant and adequately padded for extra protection for your gear. Overall, this is a more compact and lightweight backpack that should be super easy to carry around.


  • Water-resistant baselining
  • Customizable interior dividers
  • Scatch-resistant interior
  • Padded interior surfaces
  • Weatherproof construction


  • More compact design
  • Cozy interior surface
  • Easy to organize the backpack
  • Highly affordable
  • Adequately-padded carry straps


  • Relatively smaller capacity

3. Beschoi DSLR Backpack

Beschoi DSLR BackpackBuy now from Amazon

For drone pilots that are also into photography, this backpack will be a good buy. While it is made explicitly for photography equipment, it has large enough compartments that can hold almost any drone model out there. Additionally, it is a well-built backpack with a heavy-duty nylon material and with reinforced stitching.

Organizing your gear should be a simple task with this backpack. It includes some sturdy movable drivers that you can arrange in different ways depending on your accessories. Your equipment should also be secure enough with the antitheft zippers while. Carrying it should also be comfortable with adequately padded and adjustable straps.


  • Water-repellant nylon material
  • Heavily reinforced stitching
  • Antitheft zippers
  • Movable dividers
  • Padded shoulder strap


  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Durable and water-resistant material
  • Secure antitheft zippers
  • Easy to organize interior
  • More durable stitching
  • Plenty of storage pockets


  • Stitching on slaps needs improvement
  • Needs more flaps

4. TARION Waterproof Camera Backpack

TARION Waterproof Camera BackpackBuy now from Amazon

With a tremendous all-round backpack like this on by Tarion, you can be sure you have a safe and secure way of carrying your drone to different locations. Additionally, the drone comes in handy in almost any weather as its IP65 waterproof rating means it is sufficient to keep most of the elements out.

There is also a rain cover if you need extra protection. When it comes to the storage space, this is a 17-liter capacity backpack, meaning there is plenty of room, including a 15.6-inch laptop compartment. And when it comes to using, the bag will not disappoint as it is comfortable and easy to carry with ergonomic back support and padded shoulder straps.


  • IPX5 waterproof certified
  • 15.6-inch laptop compartment
  • Rain cover included
  • 17L capacity
  • Ergonomic back support
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Large gear capacity
  • Waterproof construction
  • Comes with an excellent rain cover
  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Shock-proof lining
  • Chic and unique design


  • The upper section flap makes access harder
  • Thin waist straps
  • Poor carry handle design

5. Estarer SLR/DSLR Waterproof Backpack

Estarer SLR/DSLR Waterproof Backpack Buy now from Amazon

Being a multipurpose backpack, this product by Estarer is a perfect choice for those looking for something to carry their photography gear drone or even for regular bag uses. And the backpack has the required build to ensure it can take the abuse that comes with everyday use, thanks to the tough nylon material.

Other outstanding backpack elements include the highly durable YKK zippers that glide smoothly for easy opening and reinforced top handle for easy carry. Besides the handle, the backpack also has some adequately padded straps. When it comes to organizing your stuff, the movable divides will be very handy, while the rain cover is handy in inclement weather.


  • Water-resistant nylon materials
  • Multipurpose design
  • YKK smooth zippers
  • Reinforced top handle
  • Padded straps
  • Movable dividers
  • Rain cover provided


  • Easy to carry with straps and handle
  • Ideal for various uses
  • Easy-glide zippers
  • Keeps water out effectively
  • Easy to organize interior


  • No easy access
  • Needs better flaps

6. CADeN CND10-BK Backpack

CADeN CND10-BK Backpack Buy now from Amazon

The large capacity CADeN CND10-BK allows you to carry all your gear when taking pots on your drone or other camera types. It has some easy to move dividers that allow for easy gear organization. And because this is a multifunction backpack, you can use it for much more than just storing or hauling drone and camera equipment.

The drone is also well-built with 900D polyester nylon material that is also effective at keeping out water. Besides the material, the backpack has a double waterproof finish. Other things like the multilayer foram inner padding, hidden zipper that provides extra security, and the comfortable handle that absorbs sweat make this an even better backpack.


  • Large capacity
  • Multifunction backpack
  • 900D polyester nylon
  • Double waterproof
  • Hidden zipper design
  • 7-layer PE foam inner padding
  • Sweat-absorbent handle


  • Suitable for various functions
  • Holds more gear
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Waterproof design
  • Secure hidden zippers
  • Comfortable carry handle


  • Needs better stitching

7. Endurax ShellX P01 Extra Large Backpack

Endurax ShellX P01 Extra Large BackpackBuy now from Amazon

This drone backpack’s large capacity is perhaps what will impress most potential buyers as it means you get to carry lots of stuff. Also, the backpack offers many years of service and ensures your gear is safe as it has a hard out shell that can take a lot of abuse. For the interior, there is adequate padding and soft material that is more gentle on your stuff.

There are lots of storage spaces in the interior as this backpack includes several small and medium-size pockets. Better still, some excellent dividers make it easy to organize your things. Additionally, there is a multifunction side pocket you can use for various things. And when you buy it, you get a waterproof rain cover.


  • Extra-large capacity
  • Rugged outer shell
  • Lots of small pockets
  • Thick, protective padding
  • Accessory organization pad
  • Multifunctional side pocket


  • Rugged hard protection
  • Easy to organize
  • Contains numerous pockets
  • Thick and protective interior padding
  • Comfortable straps
  • Comes with a cover


  • Not waterproof

8. Lowepro LP37099 Drone backpack

Lowepro LP37099 Drone backpackBuy now from Amazon

Lowepro LP37099 is a specialized backpack meant for drones, and so you can be sure it will be convenient when it comes to packing up your drone for storage or transport. The bag has a highly durable construction with lightweight targeted protection and a compression-molded shell that makes it rugged enough to withstand a lot of abuse.

There is a removable organization panel on this backpack and a flexible divider to make it easy to organize the bag’s interior. Better yet, there is cradle fit pockets that can hold laptops up to 15 inches and 10-inch tablets. Additionally, the users also love that besides the straps, this backpack also has a sturdy top handle for more carrying options.


  • Flexible dividers
  • Targeted lightweight protection
  • Removable organization panel
  • Cradle Fit pocket
  • Compression-molded form shell


  • Tough and durable shell
  • Easy to organize interior
  • Secure and removable panel
  • Includes pocket for laptops
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dedicated phone pocket


  • Straps re quite thin

9. MOSISO Camera Backpack

MOSISO Camera BackpackBuy now from Amazon

While the protective hardshell that also makes this backpack waterproof is one of the main things that make it a unique product, there is still more to it. Some of its best traits include the padded foam layer inside that helps protect your drone and other things and a high elastic back cushion that minimizes back pain.

This backpack’s full open design makes it easy to access your stuff and makes packing up easy as you get better access to the backpack. A highly durable handle makes carrying more effortless, and a clip strap to ensure you can hang things like sunglasses or towels.


  • Waterproof hardshell protection
  • Foam padded layer
  • High elastic back cushion
  • Full open design
  • Durable handle
  • Clip strap


  • Comfortable and sturdy handle
  • Tough and weatherproof shell
  • Adequately padded interior
  • Designed to ease back pain
  • Easy to access
  • A dedicated spot for hanging sunglasses


  • A little hectic to clean
  • Sides could have been harder

10. PGYTECH OneMo Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo BackpackBuy now from Amazon

With these 2-in-1 bags, you get greater versatility since they can hold a wide variety of things and have a large capacity. Combined, they provide a capacity of up to 35 liters, which is the highest on our review. Also, they are well-built with heavy-duty material for both the frame and interior.

There are also multiple fol dividers on this backpack to make it easier to organize the gears. Additionally, it has a more secure antitheft pocket that you can use for your valuables and some waterproof zippers that ensure the elements do not damage your stuff. And there is also a handy built-in rain cover.


  • 25-liter capacity
  • 2-in-1 backpack
  • Multi-fold dividers
  • Secure antitheft pocket
  • Built-in rain cover
  • Waterproof zippers


  • Super high capacity bags
  • Versatile with two different bags
  • Easy interior organization
  • Smooth and waterproof zippers
  • Nice rain cover
  • More secure pockets


  • Waist straps are not very good
  • Sheds some color when new


A good backpack provides one of the best ways to carry and store your drone. Besides being easy and comfortable to carry, backpacks also offer more storage space and security.

If you are on the lookout for one, the USA Gear Backpack Case is our best overall model and top recommendation, while the USA Gear Drone Mini Backpack Case is what we recommend for those looking to spend the least amount of cash.

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