Top 10 Best Drones for Kids in 2021 Reviews

Drones make one of the best gifts for your little ones, and they are the kind of toy you can be sure your little girl or boy will want to play with all the time. Better still, they are a good way of keeping the young ones outdoors to ensure they do not end up spending too much time in front of a TV or playing games on their consoles.

But, like everything else you buy for your kids, you need to make sure the drone you choose is not only fun to play with but also safe and easy for them to figure out how to fly. Luckily, there are more than enough great options in the market, and here we look at some of them to help make shopping easier for you.

List of the Best Drones for Kids in 2021

1. Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones

Force1 Scoot Hand Operated DronesBuy now from Amazon

With the 5 super-sensitive infrared sensors on this Force1 drone, you can be confident it will never bump into anything when in flight. The sensors also make this a quick and easy drone to fly to ensure your little one has an easy time.

Better still, the hand-operated drones come as a pack of two to ensure you get good value for money. These USB rechargeable drones will give you an easy time when it comes to charging as it only takes 50 minutes to charge them fully.

Also, they have a kid-friendly webbed shell to make them safer to operate and you can be sure kids will love the flashing LED lights.


  • 5-sensor design
  • Hand-operated
  • USB chargeable
  • Kid-friendly webbed shell
  • Flashing LED lights


  • More sensor help avoid obstacles
  • Easy to fly for kids
  • Fast and easy charging
  • Good value for a pack of two
  • Safer for kids


  • Shorter flying time
  • Limited flying height

2. IOKUKI Hand-Operated Drones

IOKUKI Hand-Operated DronesBuy now from Amazon

With an indoor and outdoor usable drone like this one, you get something fun to keep your little one busy for long periods. The drone is also easy to fly for kids of different ages as besides the highly sensitive gesture controls it has a magic sticker control, that kids can use a magic wand to fly the drone.

There are some high tech sensors on this drone to ensure it never bumps into things when in flight, making it ideal for flying anywhere.

Besides just flying up and down, the drone can make 360-degree rolls. And with the full webbed shell, the drone is safe for kids as it is hard to get their fingers on the propellers.


  • Indoor and outdoor usable
  • Intelligent gestures control
  • High-tech infrared sensors
  • Magic sticker control
  • 360-degree roll


  • Highly affordable
  • More sensitive sensors
  • Multiple control option
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Makes impressive rolls and spins


  • Shorter battery life
  • Remote control can be confusing at first

3. SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for Kids

SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for KidsBuy now from Amazon

The Ultra-portable Snaptain H823H is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that your kid can easily pack and carry for flying in different locations. Besides being ultra-compact, the drone also has a headless mode to ensure you never experience direction chaos as it orients the drone to suit your perspective.

When it comes to actually flying the drone can make some impressive 3D flips that you can be sure your kid will love. Also, it has a one-key takeoff and landing to give the young ones an easy time flying.

Better yet, it holds the altitude automatically to ensure you the pilot has an easy time hovering at a certain height. And the speed is also adjustable as it has 3 speed options.


  • Headless mode
  • Automatic altitude hold
  • 3D flips
  • One-key return and take off
  • 3 speed levels


  • Holds altitude automatically
  • Flies easily in any direction
  • Makes impressive 360-degree flips
  • Speed can be adjusted
  • Takes off and lands easily
  • Ultra-portable size


  • Charging port is a little too delicate

4. Potensic A20 Mini Drone

Potensic A20 Mini DroneBuy now from Amazon

Potensic A20 has everything you want in a small drone for kids from the ease of use to nice functionalities and decent flight time. Key among its impressive traits is the headless mode that allows you to fly it in any direction.

Better still, it has an altitude hold to ensure you can hover the drone from your preferred altitude. Taking off and landing is a breeze as there is only one key you need to push.

Because this a well-built and tough drone you can be sure it can handle everything your little one throws its way and the drone is also lightweight enough for portability. Better still, it has an emergency stop function and allows you to choose from 3 speed options.


  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold
  • One-key landing/take-off
  • Portable and durable build
  • Emergency stop
  • 3-speed options


  • Easy to fly
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lands and takes off in one key
  • Can fly in any direction
  • Hovers at a specific altitude


  • Instructions can be a little ambigous
  • Not the best battery life

5. Ryze Tech Tello Mini Drone

Ryze Tech Tello Mini DroneBuy now from Amazon

For kids that enjoy taking drone photographs, this mini drone will be perfect as it has a high-quality camera and image processor that ensures they always end up with the best shorts.

Better still, unlike other models out there it includes 2 antennas to ensure a more stable transmission of the recorded images and videos.

Setting up this drone takes little effort even for kids as there is nothing much to do, and besides coming with detailed instructions also includes some handy things like quick release propellers. The drone also has some top-quality battery cells that deliver longer run times and has some simple controls.


  • High-quality image processor
  • 2 antennas design
  • Quick release propellers
  • Top-quality battery cells
  • Pro-level videos


  • High stable transmission
  • Delivers some amazing image qualities
  • The battery has a decent capacity
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Records superior quality videos


  • A little too lightweight
  • Problematic to fly in the dark

6. Attop Drones for Kids

Attop Drones for KidsBuy now from Amazon

Attop makes this drone for kids with the little one sin mind as besides being fun to fly it will also give them an easy time. The drone takes off and lands easily with just one button and includes all the functionalities of a typical drone from altitude hold to allow for hovering to headless mode to ensure it is easy to fly even when you cannot see it.

There is also gravity trajectory fight to give the pilots more control over the flight path. And besides allowing for easy app control, this drone also has voice control.

Hence, you can control the drone with simple voice commands like take off and land. And one more thing that users will love is that the drone can make 360-degrees flips.


  • One key take-off/landing
  • 360-degree flips
  • Altitude hold mode
  • Gravity trajectory flight
  • App and voice control


  • Foldable and portable
  • Easy operation
  • Controllable via both app and voice
  • Holds altitude well
  • Great for stunt flying


  • Short flying time

7. SANROCK U61W Mini RC Quadcopter

SANROCK U61W Mini RC QuadcopterBuy now from Amazon

With the 720P HD camera on this drone for kids, you can be sure your little one will enjoy taking pictures and recording videos as it provides some top quality ones.

Besides the high-quality image, the camera has real time transmission via WiFi to ensure you never miss a moment. And with the 90-degree wide view angle, the camera will capture most of the landscape. This multifunctional drone can work for both adults and kids.

And besides taking the fantastic images and videos it also has a lot more to offer such as a headless mode that allows you to fly it in any direction and altitude hold to allow for hovering. Better still, it has a handy one-key start and offers emergency stop.


  • 720P HD camera
  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold support
  • One-key start
  • Emergency stop


  • High quality images
  • Transmits video in real time
  • Can hover at a specified height
  • Easy and quick start
  • Moveable in any direction


  • Remote needs some work

8. 98K Hand-Operated Drones

98K Hand-Operated DronesBuy now from Amazon

For parents that prefer something simple that little ones can easily figure out in just a few minutes, this hand-operated drone will be perfect. Flying it only requires kids to place it on their palms before pushing it into the air.

The drone holds altitude well and lands as easily as it takes off without posing any safety risks since the propellers are concealed.

This USB rechargeable drone takes just 30 minutes to fully recharge, and you will not need any special chargers or higher electric output. Overall, this is also a well-built and eco-friendly drone with a tough ABS plastic housing.


  • 2 flying speeds
  • USB rechargeable
  • Eco-friendly ABS plastic material
  • Concealed propellers


  • Easy hand operation
  • Adjustable speed
  • Safe to fly with concealed propellers
  • Faster battery recharge


  • Relatively short flying time
  • Does not fly very high

9. Potensic A30W Drone with Camera

Potensic A30W Drone with CameraBuy now from Amazon

Here is another fantastic drone that will be perfect for kids that are more into taking photos and recording videos. The drone includes an HD FPV camera that is 90-degree adjustable to capture a wide area and transmits in real time to ensure you never miss anything.

Also, the drone takes off and lands easily as there is only one key to push for either. With this drone, you can map out your route, which is a smart function that you would typically expect to get in the more advanced models.

Better still, flying it is fun and easy for the little ones as it has a lot more to offer such as some impressive 360-degree flips. And with the removable and rechargeable battery, you are in more control over the power.


  • HD FPV camera
  • App control
  • One key start/landing
  • Custom flight route mode
  • 90-degree adjustable camera


  • High-quality camera
  • Real time transmission
  • Smart and fun to fly
  • Takes off and lands easily
  • Allows you to easily map out your route
  • Removable and rechargeable battery


  • Exposed propellers
  • Not for very young kids

10. SYMA Mini Drone

SYMA Mini Drone Buy now from Amazon

With this drone by SYMA, you get a more advanced model that kids sharpening their piloting skills will enjoy flying. Key among its most impressive traits is the obstacle avoidance mode that ensures it never bumps into anything.

This drone also makes use of altitude hold technology to hoover at specified altitudes, making flying even easier. Other things that make this a fantastic drone include the USB rechargeable batteries that give you a decent flying time and sleek LED lights.

This drone also offers 2 adjustable speeds to give you more control over the flying.


  • Obstacle avoidance mode
  • Safe protective shell
  • Altitude hold technology
  • 2 USB rechargeable batteries
  • Sleek LED lighting
  • 2 flying speeds


  • Hands-free operation
  • Safe design with protective shell
  • Fast-charging batteries with decent fly time
  • Adjustable flying speed
  • Pleasant LED lights


  • The remote control can be a little complicated at first


A drone makes a perfect gift for kids of different ages, and if you are looking to get one for your child, you now no longer need to spend countless hours combing the internet as there are enough recommendations on our review above.

But, if you do not have the time to read all that, the Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones is our top overall recommendation as almost any kid will love it. But, if you are on a very tight budget, the more affordable IOKUKI Hand-Operated Drones is a perfect pick.

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